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The red blood cell antigens of the ABO system are not present in all the anthropïd Primates. The Chimpanzee, particularly, shows only the two genes A and O. The alpha-galactosyl transferase, present in the human sera of group B, has been used to fix a molecule of galactose on O red cells of Chimpanzee giving them a B specificity. If the B gene was present(More)
The agglutination percentages given by various erythrocytes with reference sera have been compared in blood samples from Kulamwos living in the Ivory Coast and of blood donors of the regional transfusion centre of Toulouse. The study of O, A, B and AB phenotypes shows: 1. in O Kulamwos a higher agglutination percentage with anti-H than in Toulousains; 2. in(More)
Agglutination percentages of red blood cells from European and from three African populations (Twareg from Mali, Sara from Central African Republic, and Niokholonko from Senegal) in the ABO system have been compared. The results show a greater agglutinability of group O erythrocytes with anti-H sera, for African subjects than for Europeans. No significant(More)
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