Y. C. Zhang

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It was confirmed that nanometer-sized metal powder (atom clusters or simply clusters) can absorb an extremely large amount of deuterium/hydrogen atoms more than 300% against the number density of host metal. Within such clusters, the bonding potential widely changes from the center region to peripheral ones, so that the zigzag atom-chains are always formed(More)
Anomalous production of gaseous 4 He at the inside of 'DS cathode' during D 2 O-electrolysis. Abstract: Observations were made of the abundant production of gaseous 4 He inside a double-structure Pd cathode (" DS-cathode ") which continuously had released excess heat of about 5~ 10 W over 2,000 hrs in the electrolysis of D 2 O. These 4 He atoms were found(More)
A new energy caused by "Spillover-deuterium". Abstract: It was verified that a new kind of energy is caused by " Spillover-Deuterium " generated in a double structure (DS)-cathode with " Pd-black ". Using this cathode, the authors confirmed the sustained production of a significantly abnormal amount of energy over a period of several months that could not(More)
Magnetic reconnection plays a key role in the conversion of magnetic energy into the thermal and kinetic energy of plasma. On either side of the diffusion region in space plasma, the conditions for the occurrence of reconnections are usually not symmetric. Previous theoretical studies have predicted that reconnections under asymmetric conditions will bear(More)
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