Y. C. Wu

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There is strong demand for solutions to security problems in various wireless networks, such as WiFi, WiMAX, 3GPP and WSN, not only for the individual networks themselves but also for the integration of these networks. A complete solution cannot be proposed by piecemeal proposals but requires a holistic examination of all security concerns. The solution(More)
1. Introduction. This paper presents a first step toward a high-quality source code documentation syste m for Ada. The system is an adaptation of Web 2 , a system of structured documentation created as a part o f the TEX project by Professor Donald E. Knuth [1-3] at Stanford University. The chief virtues of the Web system are that it encourages consistency(More)
Keywords: Cluster analysis Data mining Emergency medicine Rough set Triage a b s t r a c t ''Emergency medicine'' is the front line of medical service a hospital provides; also it is the department people seek medical care from immediately after an emergency happens. The statistics by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, indicate that over years, the(More)
In this paper, four incomplete boundary element formulations, including the real-part singular boundary element, the real-part hypersingular boundary element, the imaginary-part boundary element and the plane-wave element methods, are used to solve the free vibration problem. Among these incomplete boundary element formulations, the real-part singular and(More)
Facial expression recognition is an essential issue in the field of human and computer interactions. The objective of this paper is to deal with the problem of failure for the feature points on face based on active appearance model (AAM) in fitting with different users. We train the fitting model for different users before recognition. A high-quality AAM(More)
In this paper we introduce a multimodal information fusion for human-robot interaction system These multimodal information consists of combining methods for hand sign recognition and emotion recognition of multiple. These different recognition modalities are an essential way for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Sign language is the most intuitive and direct(More)