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Interspecific hybrids between cultivars of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) and its wild relative S. torvum, which has disease resistance and desirable traits for crop improvement, were obtained by cross-hybridization and embryo rescue. Twenty-one hybrid progenies were obtained and examined based on morphological traits, RAPD and ISSR markers. Five of them(More)
Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma (PLGA) is a rare tumour that mostly affects oral minor salivary glands. Our review of the literature found that there are only two reported cases of PLGA originating in the nasopharynx. Another nasopharyngeal PLGA in a 14-year-old boy is reported, focusing on the histopathological features and ultrastructural findings.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Hepatic steatosis (HE), which is common among the general population, is present in donor organs, potentially affecting their graft survival as well as the recovery of the donor. Our goal was to develop an experimentally and clinically reliable, noninvasive method to quantify macrovesicular and microvesicular hepatic steatosis using(More)
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