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Raman spectra were acquired on ox femur samples treated with hydrazine to remove the organic components of bone. A large increase in the signal-noise ratio of the mineral spectrum resulted from the exposure of the mineral surface and the removal of fluorescent components of the organic matrix. The effect of hydrazine treatment of the mineral matrix has been(More)
The bone-implant interface formed in a canine distal femur was examined by means of a Raman microprobe using an implant model designed to test calcium phosphate surface coatings. By using the 960 cm-1 band of calcium phosphate to characterize the interface and adjacent mineral, we obtained spatial and compositional information about the attachment of bone(More)
Cu, Ni and Fe oxides supported on ceria were investigated for their performance as oxygen carriers during the chemical looping combustion of biomass-derived syngas. A complex gas mixture containing CO, H2, CO2, CH4 and other hydrocarbons was used to simulate the complex fuel gas environment derived from biomass gasification. Results show that the transfer(More)
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