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Due to the well-developed technology, the radio frequency identification (RFID) is widely used in all areas. For some applications, the RFID system simply worked as a memory card without security mechanism. However, in many applications, the RFID systems need security mechanism for authentication. In scenario such as e-passport, the RFID systems even need(More)
Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) is a hereditary disorder caused by NOTCH3 mutations and characterized by recurrent subcortical infarctions, dementia and leukoencephalopathy. So far, most clinical, molecular and neuroimaging information has come from Caucasians. Therefore, we investigated(More)
Due to the well-developed technology and its variety of applications, the Radio Frequency Identifications (RFIDs) become more and more popular. In many applications such as authentication, the RFID systems need security mechanism to resist all possible attacks and threats. However, most of the security mechanisms always too complex on computation or need(More)
The cancer classification through gene expression patterns becomes one of the most promising applications of the microarray technology. It is also a significant procedure in bioinformatics. In this study a grid computing based evolutionary mining approach is proposed as discriminant function for gene selection and tumor classification. The proposed approach(More)
We investigated the clinical characteristics and outcomes of 43 patients with Acinetobacter junii bacteremia at a 2,500-bed tertiary care center in northern Taiwan. These organisms were confirmed to the species level by an array assay and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. The antimicrobial susceptibilities of the 43 A. junii isolates to 13 agents were(More)
In Taiwan, the so-called “e-Patrol” system is used to support policemen for providing patrol services. The policemen have also solved several criminal cases with the use of surveillance cameras of “e-Patrol” system. The setting of surveillance cameras is an important issue and a complex location problem. In this paper, under(More)
A numerical simulation study to quantify the effect of upstream transport and fossil-fuel and biomass-burning emissions from East Asia on the surface ozone near Taiwan has been performed based on data taken April 8e13, 2001, when a cold air outbreak occurred. The TAQM (Taiwan Air Quality Model) is employed in this study. Results show that, without(More)