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The paper presents an in-depth analysis of two-dimensional disordered lattices of statistical damage mechanics for the study of quasi-brittle materials. The strain energy variation in correspondence to damage formation is thoroughly examined and all the different contributions to the net energy changes are identified and analyzed separately. We demonstrate(More)
Exploring temporal coherence among light transport paths is very important to remove temporally perception-sensitive artifacts in animation rendering. Using the contribution of a light transport path to all frames in an animation as the sampling distribution function allows us to adapt Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms to exploit the temporal and(More)
– Traditional quantities used to characterize stochastic resonance possess the common feature of low sensitivity to noise variation in the sense that they vary slowly about the optimal noise level. In potential applications of stochastic resonance such as device development , a high sensitivity to noise may be required. Here we show that, when the resonance(More)
We reveal the existence of polariton soliton solutions in the array of weakly coupled optical cavities, each containing an ensemble of interacting qubits. An effective, complex Ginzburg-Landau equation is derived in the continuum limit, taking into account the effects of cavity field dissipation and qubit dephasing. We have shown that an enhancement of the(More)
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