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The theory of differential games is extended to the situation where there are N players and where the game is nonzero-sum, i.e., the players wish to minimize different performance criteria. Dropping the usual zero-sum condition adds several interesting new features. It is no longer obvious what should be demanded of a solution, and three types of solutions(More)
A new approach to design a high precision real-time control system for a spring forming machine is presented. This system is designed to satisfy the required high motor speed command signal and the product to product tolerance is limited to 0.1%. An innovative variable pulse generation algorithm is proposed for the activation of the motor in order to meet(More)
The power consumption of a digital circuit can be reduced by decomposing it into sub circuits which can be turned off when inactive. Power can also be reduced by careful state encoding. Clock-gating techniques have been shown to be very effective in the reduction of the switching activity in sequential logic circuits. Modeling a given circuit as a(More)