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In our earlier work, we present a novel formal method for the semiautomatic verification of specifications and for describing web service composition components by using abstract concepts. After verification, the instantiations of components were selected to satisfy the complex service performance constraints. However, selecting an optimal instantiation,(More)
A complex computing problem can be solved efficiently on a system with multiple computing nodes by dividing its implementation code into several parallel processing modules or tasks that can be formulated as directed acyclic graph (DAG) problems. The DAG jobs may be mapped to and scheduled on the computing nodes to minimize the total execution time.(More)
In previous research works, the causality generally refers to the existence of causality in mathematics and physics. In recent years, detection and clarification of cause-effect relationships, Causality Detection, among texts, events or objects has been elevated to a prominent research topic of natural and social sciences over the human knowledge(More)
Glucose oxidase (GOx) has many significant applications in biosensor and biocatalysis. In this study, we firstly quantitatively analyzed the binding efficiency of (3-aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane (APTES) modified onto the surface of GOx. It was found that the contents of the grafted silane did not significantly influence the relative activities and tertiary(More)
PURPOSE The association of interleukin-10 (IL-10) polymorphisms (-1082G/A, -819C/T, -592A/C) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) poly-morphisms (-174G/C) with tuberculosis (TB) risk has been widely reported. However, the results are controversial. To clarify the role of these polymorphisms in TB, we performed a meta-analysis of all available and relevant published(More)
Large eddy simulation of a three-dimensional spatially developing transitional free methane non-premixed flame is performed. The solver of the governing equations is based upon a projection method. The Smagorinsky model is utilized for the turbulent subgrid scale terms. A global reaction mechanism is applied for the simulation of methane/air combustion.(More)
Human immunity-related GTPase M (IRGM) is found to play an important role in defense against intracellular pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) in vitro by regulating autophagy. The objective of the study was to determine the association between IRGM polymorphisms and susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in Chinese Hubei Han(More)
The association of natural resistance associated macrophage protein 1 (NRAMP1) polymorphisms (D543N, INT4) with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) risk have been widely reported. However, the findings of previous studies were inconsistent. To clarify the role of these polymorphisms in PTB, we performed a meta-analysis of all available and relevant published(More)
This paper proposes an innovative distributed algorithm for cluster organization of wireless sensor networks (WSN), named DSCO. Simple logic, connectionless information exchange and asynchronism are prominent features of the algorithm. DSCO involves three correlative processes: cluster organization, cluster reorganization and cluster self-healing. The(More)