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We propose and demonstrate simple architectures with self-protection capability for the wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (WDM PON). By utilizing two different wavelength bands for the neighboring WDM PONs, the proposed networks can recover the disrupted signals through the fiber links of the neighboring WDM PON. The protection time(More)
The study was conducted to assess the effect of milk production, parity, stage of lactation, season and individual milk components themselves on milk urea nitrogen (MUN) concentration and other milk components of 3,219 Holstein dairy cows in Korean dairy farms. The MUN concentrations in Korean dairy cows were estimated to 16.68±5.87 mg/dl. Milk yield was(More)
We propose a short-period dispersion-managed fiber that consisted of conventional single-mode fiber (17 ps/km/nm) and negative dispersion fiber ( 15 ps/km/nm). Thus, the average dispersion of the proposed fiber was only 1 ps/km/nm. The lengths of the positive and negative fiber sections were only 4.5 km so that they can be accommodated within a single(More)
We generate the phase-modulated signal by utilizing the chirp characteristics of the directly-modulated reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) for the cost-effective realization of a long-reach wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (WDM PON). We first investigate the relation between the amplitude and phase modulation indices in(More)
We propose and demonstrate a novel technique for measuring the distribution of the reflectivity along an optical fiber transmission line. Unlike the conventional optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), the proposed technique utilizes the data-modulated transmitter itself instead of the optical short-pulse source, and monitors the distribution of the(More)
Interventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be defined as the use of MR images for guiding and monitoring interventional procedures (e.g., biopsy, drainage) or minimally invasive therapy (e.g., thermal ablation). This work describes the development of a prototype graphical user interface and the appropriate software methods to accurately overlay a(More)
We propose and demonstrate a fiber-optic network for microcellular code-division multiple access (CDMA) personal communication service. The proposed network is based on a passive double-star architecture. The relaxed dynamic range requirements of CDMA signals allowed the use of double-star architecture. The proposed network was demonstrated by using various(More)
We evaluate the impacts of using multi-level modulation formats on the transmission capacity of the multi-core fiber (MCF) having trench-assisted index profile and hexagonal layout. For this evaluation, we utilize the spectral efficiency per unit area, defined as the spatial spectral efficiency (SSE). The results show that the SSE improvement achievable by(More)
We analyze the inter-core crosstalk in homogeneous multi-core two-mode fibers (MC-TMFs) under bent condition by using the coupled-mode equations. In particular, we investigate the effects of the intra-core mode coupling on the inter-core crosstalk for two different types of MC-TMFs at various bending radii. The results show that the inter-core homo-mode(More)