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A total of 69 bladder cancer, 76 lung cancer and 59 liver cancer deceased cases and 368 alive community controls group-matched on age and sex were studied to evaluate the association between high-arsenic artesian well water and cancers in the endemic area of blackfoot disease (BFD), a unique peripheral vascular disease related to continuous arsenic(More)
High Performance Fortran (HPF) provides distributed arrays to eeciently support a global name space on distributed memory architectures. The distributed data structures supported by HPF, however , are only limited to array constructs, and do not extend to pointer-based distributed structures. With the support of distributed pointers and class abstractions(More)
Making small liquid droplets move spontaneously on solid surfaces is a key challenge in lab-on-chip and heat exchanger technologies. Here, we report that a substrate curvature gradient can accelerate micro- and nanodroplets to high speeds on both hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates. Experiments for microscale water droplets on tapered surfaces show a(More)
Usually, the machining process is accomplished when a actuator drives a mechanism to finish some prescribed task. To meet the demand of fast response and high positioning precision, a permanent magnet (PM) synchronous servomotor is employed. The controlled plant is an RSSP-Type spatial slider-crank mechanism. control of the spatial slider-crank mechanisms(More)
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