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Falls, heart attack and stroke are among the leading causes of hospitalization for the elderly and illness individual. The chances of surviving a fall, heart attack or stroke are much greater if the senior gets help within an hour. In this project, a smart elderly home monitoring system (SEHMS) is designed and developed. An Android-based smart phone with(More)
With the advancement in the area of robotics, exoskeleton technology has come a long way since its beginnings in the late 60's. Researchers over the world have developed their own exoskeleton prototypes, and some of the well known exoskeleton includes the BLEEX, MIT exoskeleton, HAL, LOPES, ALEX, and many more. Although technologies have advanced since the(More)
In this project, a multilevel home security system (MHSS) has been designed, developed, tested and validated. MHSS is basically a multilevel security system which consists of different sensor nodes as the input elements while the output elements react to the signal received from the input elements. The sensor nodes consist of a thief alarm, presence(More)
Single phase induction motors are the most widely used motors for home appliances. The AC induction motor has a simple rugged design. Other advantages include low cost, low maintenance and can be connected directly to an AC power source. When power is supplied to an induction motor at the recommended specifications, it runs at its rated speed [1]. However,(More)
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