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Rice contains several MADS box genes. It has been demonstrated previously that one of these genes, OsMADS1 (for Oryza sativa MADS box gene1), is expressed preferentially in flowers and causes early flowering when ectopically expressed in tobacco plants. In this study, we demonstrated that ectopic expression of OsMADS1 in rice also results in early(More)
Identification of the PCR markers tightly linked to genes that encode important agronomic traits is useful for marker-assisted selection (MAS). The rice Pi5(t) locus confers broad-spectrum resistance to Magnaporthe grisea, the causal agent of rice blast disease. It has been hypothesized that the Pi5(t) locus carries the same gene as that encoded by the(More)
A molecular map has been constructed for the rice genome comprised of 726 markers (mainly restriction fragment length polymorphisms; RFLPs). The mapping population was derived from a backcross between cultivated rice, Oryza sativa, and its wild African relative, Oryza longistaminata. The very high level of polymorphism between these species, combined with(More)
Ras proteins control signalling pathways that are key regulators of several aspects of normal cell growth and malignant transformation. BRAF, which encodes an RAF family member in the downstream pathway of RAS, is somatically mutated in a number of human cancers. The activating mutation of BRAF is known to play a role in tumour development. As there have(More)
Panda is a library for collective I/O of multidimensional arrays, designed for SPMD-style applications running on a distributed memory system. In this paper, we describe our experience of porting Panda to the SGI Cray Origin 2000, which utilizes shared memory and a shared le system. On the Origin we used, RAIDs and le system inappropriately conngured for(More)
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