Y.-C. Chang

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In this paper, we present a new method for fuzzy rules interpolation for sparse fuzzy rule-based systems based on interval type-2 Gaussian fuzzy sets and genetic algorithms. First, we present a method to deal with the interpolation of fuzzy rules based on interval type-2 Gaussian fuzzy sets. We also prove that the proposed method guarantees to produce(More)
This paper presents a software system ALSUGMA for automated gate matrix layout generation. Its structured Net-List and Realization Matrix models which are different from previous interval graph approach are introduced. Algorithms to minimize and realize the gate matrix layout are also presented with examples. Empirical results showed good performance in(More)
This study uses data envelopment analysis and Bayesian networks in e-learning systems evaluation and classification, respectively. By maximizing the weighted summed-outputs-to-weighted-summed-inputs ratio, we obtain the scores of individual as well as groups of reviewers from relative efficiency perspectives. The efficiencies are used as training data to(More)
Viral infection poses a major problem for public health, horticulture, and animal husbandry, possibly causing severe health crises and economic losses. Viral infections can be identified by the specific detection of viral sequences in many ways. The microarray approach not only tolerates sequence variations of newly evolved virus strains, but can also(More)
A novel magnetic generation of ultrathin film was discovered by the surface magneto-optical Faraday effect (SMOFE) in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV). The use of SMOFE measuring system is due to the natural color of the ZnO(002) substrate was light yellow and transparent. In this presented article, we are going to show how to accomplish the experiment in the first(More)
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