Y. C. Alicia Tang

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Abstract: To control the tip position of a flexible-link manipulator, a neural network (NN) controller is proposed in this paper. The dynamics error used to construct NN controller is derived based on output redefinition approach. Without the filtered tracking error, the proposed NN controller can still guarantee the closed-loop system uniformly(More)
Many chemistry students have difficulty in understanding an organic chemistry subject called reaction mechanisms. Mastering the subject would require the application of chemical intuition and chemical commonsense adequately. This work discusses a novel framework using Qualitative Reasoning (QR) to provide means for learning reaction mechanisms through(More)
Now-a-days, many organizations have tried to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification. This International Standard promotes the adoption of a process approach in order to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements. This process approach is used in the time of developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a Quality Management(More)
Our work features an ontology-supported framework for developing a qualitative simulator for explaining the behaviors of selected sample of organic chemistry reactions. The design of the simulator uses Qualitative Reasoning (QR), and in particular, Qualitative Process Theory (QPT) for constructing qualitative models and the simulation of basic steps in the(More)
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