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The long-term effects of endoscopic dilation of colonic or ileo-colonic Crohn's disease strictures were analyzed. In 18 patients with a Crohn's disease-related low gastrointestinal stricture, the stenosis was dilated using through-the-scope (TTS) balloon catheters. A dilation to a diameter of 18 mm was always attempted. Treatment was successfully carried(More)
Anorectal ulceration eventually leading to rectal stenosis was observed in 10 patients who abused analgetic suppositories containing acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen, and codeine. Most patients were middle-aged women with a neurotic or psychiatric background. Perianal skin lesions were present in half of the patients. The endoscopic aspect of the sharply(More)
In a 1-year period, 14 patients with inoperable, biopsy-proven hepatocellular cacinoma (HCC) underwent 18 superselective catheterisations of the proper hepatic artery with combined injection of Cisplatin and Liodol. According to Okuda et al. [1], patients were classified into clinical Stages I (2), II (7) and III (5). All 5 Stage III patients died during(More)
We describe two cases of tracheobronchial tuberculous ulcerations, without radiological signs of active pulmonary tuberculosis, and with cough as main complaint. Diagnosis was obtained by fiberoptic bronchial endoscopy and subsequent demonstration of Acid Fast Bacilli in biopsy specimen, bronchial aspiration fluid and sputum. A diagnostic fiberoptic(More)
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