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We are concerned about the following problem: a manufacturer owns a certain amount of perishable raw material which can be produced into different types of products. He must, however, finish the manufacturing process before a deadline (which represents, e.g., a fixed flight schedule). Due to the deadline constraint and the raw material limit, it is(More)
We have studied the excitation second-order nonlinearity through a triangular lattice perforated gold film instead of square lattice in many papers. Under the excitation of surface plasmas resonance effect, the second order nonlinearity exists in the noncentrosymmetric split-ring resonators arrays. Reflection of fundamental frequency wave through a(More)
  • Yong Zhaoa, Zai Yun Penga, +4 authors Y. B. Zhao
  • 2017
In order to deal with (stochastic) multi-objective optimization problems, a robust Pareto optimal solution by minimizing the worst case weighted sum of objectives on a given weight set is considered [J. Hu, S. Mehrotra, Oper. Res., 60 (2011), 936–953], [J. Hu, T. Homem-de-Mello, S. Mehrotra, Manuscript, (2010)]. Based on this idea, we introduce a new class(More)
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