Y. B. Chethan Kumar

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INTRODUCTION Bilateral shoulder dislocation are most commonly posterior type. These are most commonly due to seizure disorder and electrocution. Anterior shoulder dislocations occurring bilaterally without any predisposing factors are very rare. These types of injuries are due to trauma with a unique mechanism of injury. To best of our knowledge there are(More)
This paper discusses how adaptive test techniques can be applied to multi-core RF SoCs, together with design implementation and test challenges. Various techniques specific to RF circuits covering calibration trims, power management modules, co-existence issues, concurrent testing, and test measurements are explained. Results on different designs are(More)
Sir, To begin with I would like to congratulate the authors for inventing a new instrument in the surgical management of Schatzker Type II and Type III tibial plateau fractures [1]. To be honest we have not used this instrument for management of such fractures, but we are have few queries. With your permission I humbly request the author address these(More)
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