Y. B. Chethan Kumar

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The energy efficiency of digital circuits continues to be a major factor in determining the size and weight of battery-operated electronics. Integration of more functionality in a single system has made battery longevity a major problem. Operating circuits at their minimum energy operating voltage (MEP) has been proposed as a solution for energy critical(More)
This paper gives the idea about the introduction of transport applications which are based upon near field communication (NFC). It presents the benefits and needs of NFC in this domain. The main factors leading to success of NFC and the different considerations are also explained in this paper. Public as well as personal transport modes can use NFC for the(More)
The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is undoubtedly the most used biological signal in the clinical world and it is a means for detection of several cardiac abnormalities. Pattern recognition, diagnostic classification of ECGs constitutes an interesting application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). This paper illustrates the ability of a feed-forward back(More)
Modern day technology has extended its reach below 20 nm. All kinds of effects are to be seen in MOS devices due to different leakage mechanisms at deep sub-micron levels. These lead to errors in the system. Error tolerance (ET), an emerging concept in the field of VLSI design and test: by easing the restriction on accuracy, can be used to have improvements(More)
This paper discusses how adaptive test techniques can be applied to multi-core RF SoCs, together with design implementation and test challenges. Various techniques specific to RF circuits covering calibration trims, power management modules, co-existence issues, concurrent testing, and test measurements are explained. Results on different designs are(More)
In Multi-VDD system, Level Converter (LC) is used to convert one voltage level to another level (i.e. high to low and low to high). Power gating is an approach to reduce the dynamic and standby leakage in the present day System on Chip (SoC) design. As we go lower down the technology node problem of ground bouncing starts to dominate the system. It leads to(More)
This paper presents hand gesture analysis for human-security system interaction. Hand gesture recognition consisted of five processes such as image acquisition, skin color information for recognizing hand gesture which is obtained from the arm region of the hand, background removal, canny edge detection and contour detection. This proposed system is used(More)
Huge quantities of suspended particles in our atmosphere, cause scenes to appear hazy or foggy, this reduces visibility of objects and their contrast, and makes detection of objects within the scene more difficult. Most existing algorithms are based on a strong, statistically based prior, the dark channel prior. We introduce an improved Dark Channel Prior(More)
During the last decades the electronic technology has faced drastic changes mainly to reduce the circuit as small as possible and hence came the MOS technology which find many implementation ranging from industrial process control, consumer products to medical instrumentation, information system and decision analysis. Here we are using C-MOS technology in(More)