Y. B. Chang

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Samsung Superconductor Test Facility (SSTF), a superconductor and superconducting magnet test facility, has been constructed at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. The main purpose of SSTF is to manufacture and test superconducting magnets for the Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research tokamak. The data Acquisition and Control (DAC) system(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have explored ozone's connection to asthma and total respiratory emergency department visits (EDVs) but have neglected other specific respiratory diagnoses despite hypotheses relating ozone to respiratory infections and allergic responses. OBJECTIVE We examined relationships between ozone and EDVs for respiratory visits, including(More)
The reliability of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) measures in healthy older adults and stroke patients has been insufficiently characterized. We determined whether common TMS measures could reliably evaluate change in individuals and in groups using the smallest detectable change (SDC), or could tell subjects apart using the intraclass correlation(More)
Eleven patients with Korean (epidemic) hemorrhagic fever were each studied three times with high-resolution CT in order to demonstrate necrosis of the pituitary gland and to correlate the CT findings with the patients' pituitary function and visual fields. Seven of the 11 patients showed varying degrees of progressive decrease in the height of the pituitary(More)
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