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The mechanism of the differential effects of halothane on the cholinergic nicotinic and muscarinic responses of adrenal medullary cells was studied using isolated dog adrenals perfused with modified Locke's solution. The concentrations of halothane exhibiting 50% inhibition of catecholamine release induced by nearly equipotent agonists were 0.8% for(More)
Data were obtained on blood samples from a relatively large group (264) of healthy Japanese newborns, collected at hospitals in Tokyo, Kurashiki, and Ube. The studies included an evaluation of anomalies in alpha-globin gene and gamma-globin gene arrangements using gene mapping and gamma-chain composition analyses. The results confirmed the rarity of(More)
It is a well known concept that the secretion of gonadotropin from the anterior pituitary is neurohumorally controlled by the hypothalamus through the portal vascular system (Harris, 1955). This concept was ascertained by our previous in vitro experiments, in which the rat anterior pituitary cells cultivated were losing the potency to secrete gonadotropin(More)