Y. Alfred Lau

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Time and time again humanity is faced with a unifying global crisis that crosses the many great divides in different societies and serves to bring once segregated communities back together as a collective whole. This global community instinctively turns to science to develop the means of addressing its most pressing problems. More often than not, these(More)
A [2]pseudorotaxane-based mechanised nanoparticle system, which operates within an aqueous acidic environment, has been prepared and characterised; this integrated system affords both water-soluble stalk and ring components in an effort to improve the biocompatibility of these promising new drug delivery vehicles.
The first continuous, real-time spectroscopic monitoring of a photo-driven cargo delivery event from a mesoporous silica-based nanocarrier inside a single living cell is reported. By chemically attaching azobenzene molecules inside the 3 nm pore channels of mesoporous silica nanoparticles (∼70 nm diameter), the escape of the cargo molecule [propidium iodide(More)
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