Y. Al-Hadeethi

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We study an evolutionary inspection game where agents can chose between working and shirking. The evolutionary process is staged on a small-world network, through which agents compare their incomes and, based on the outcome, decide which strategy to adopt. Moreover, we introduce union members that have certain privileges, of which the extent depends on the(More)
A theoretical model discussing the environmental factors (EFs) effect of exposure time on genes, which leads to human diseases, is presented using multi-logistic model. The advantages and limitations of this model are discussed in terms of its usefulness for simulating genetic samples. It has been shown that EFs affect genes with the same degree both at(More)
The occurrence of coherence phenomenon as a result of the interference of the probability amplitude terms is among the principle features of quantum mechanics concepts. Current experiments display the presence of quantum techniques whose coherence is supplied over large interval times. Specifically, photosynthetic mechanisms in light-harvesting complexes(More)
Laser ablation of dental hard tissues is one of the most important laser applications in dentistry. Many works have reported the interaction of laser radiations with tooth material to optimize laser parameters such as wavelength, energy density, etc. This work has focused on determining the relationship between energy density and ablation thresholds using(More)
Nanoparticles of the ferrite system CoFe(2-x)Al(x)O4 (x = 0.0, 0.3, 0.7 and 1.0) were synthesized through the co-precipitation technique. Thermal decomposition process and formation of a single crystalline phase were followed using thermal differential analysis technique (DTA). X-ray powder diffraction patterns of the samples confirmed the formation of a(More)
The effects of ionizing radiation on biological cells have been reported in several literatures. Most of them were mainly concerned with doses greater than 0.01 Gy and were also concerned with gamma rays. On the other hand, the studies on very low dose fast neutrons (VLDFN) are rare. In this study, we have investigated the effects of VLDFN on cell membrane(More)