Y Akaizawa

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We measured laryngeal narrowing with low-frequency sound in human subjects. A low-frequency sound of 800 Hz was forced into the mouth, and sound-pressure amplitude above (SPAa) and below the vocal cord (SPAb) was detected using two separate microphones at the anterior neck. If the subject voluntarily narrowed the larynx at functional residual capacity, the(More)
We studied the optimal airway caliber for minimizing the work rate of breathing in the lung (W) with different bronchomotor tones in six normal subjects. The inhalation of methacholine contracted airway smooth muscle, and the inhalation of salbutamol relaxed it. To calculate W at a given alveolar ventilation (VA), anatomical dead space (VDanat), pulmonary(More)
We measured laryngeal resistance with 800 Hz sound in human subjects. 800 Hz sound was forced into the mouth and the intensities of sound above and below vocal cord were detected by two microphones on the anterior neck. Respiratory resistance (Rrs) was simultaneously measured by an oscillation method. When the subject voluntarily controlled the glottis(More)
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