Y. Abu Hassan

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—Since the presentation of the backpropagation algorithm, a vast variety of improvements of the technique for training a feed forward neural networks have been proposed. This article focuses on two classes of acceleration techniques, one is known as Local Adaptive Techniques that are based on weight-specific only, such as the temporal behavior of the(More)
In this paper we have compared various approximate formulae for variance of Horvitz-Thompson estimator using first order inclusion probabilities. The empirical study has been conducted with a view to pick the most appropriate approximation for exact variance of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator. The empirical study is based upon two most popular selection(More)
The foot of the desert snail, Eremina ehrenbergi, is supplied by branches of the pedal nerves which enter a coarse-meshed peripheral neural plexus. Light and electron microscopic preparations revealed the presence of ganglionic knots embedded in the foot musculature. In these knots the neural cell bodies are found to be situated on the periphery of(More)
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