Y-A Kang

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Isolation and identification of Cryptococcus neoformans and pathogenic yeast-like fungi from pigeon droppings has been taken for a long time and requires various nutrients for its growth. In this study, we attempted to establish a rapid direct identification method of Cr. neoformans from pigeon dropping samples by nested-PCR using internal transcribed(More)
RNA interference, due to its target specificity, may be highly effective as a novel therapeutic modality, but direct delivery of synthetic small interfering RNA still remains a major obstacle for this approach. To induce long-term expression and specific gene silencing, novel delivery vector system is also required. In this study, we have generated an(More)
We report a case of lipoleiomyoma which arose in retroperitoneum and presented with progressively distended abdomen in a 56-yr-old woman. The tumor was well encapsulated and consisted of two components, benign smooth muscle cells and mature adipose tissue without any atypia. It is likely to be mistaken as extrarenal angiomyolipoma, well-differentiated(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to investigate the onset of labor epidural analgesia using 0.17% ropivacaine with a varying dose of fentanyl. We hypothesized that the onset of analgesia would be shortened in proportion to an increase in fentanyl dose. METHODS Women requesting labor epidural analgesia were enrolled in this randomized controlled(More)
An anticancer peptide from soy protein was purified and isolated. Defatted soy protein was hydrolyzed with thermoase and hydrophobic peptides were extracted with ethanol. The peptide extract was fractionated by XAD-2 hydrophobic, gel filtration chromatography, and different C18 HPLCs. Anticancer activity of each fraction was assayed by measuring in vitro(More)
OBJECTIVE Bioactive peptides are commonly used in cosmeceutical purpose. This study was performed to search for an effective and short hypopigmenting peptide using normal human melanocytes as a screening model. A peptide that exhibits multitarget activities will be a promising peptide. METHODS Depigmenting effects were tested in normal human melanocytes.(More)
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