Y. A. A. Larsson

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Since 1 July 1977, all newly diagnosed diabetic children in Sweden aged 0–14 years have been reported to a central register. During the first 6 years, 2300 newly diagnosed diabetic children out of a population of 1.6 million children were registered. The degree of certainty was close to 100%. The mean of the yearly incidence rate for the whole 6 year period(More)
We report a retrospective study of diabetic children, 0--14 years of age, from seven Swedish departments of paediatrics. There were 359 new cases in the years 1970--1975. Notification suggested that there was a mean yearly incidence of 19.6 cases per 100 000 with a year to year variation of 10.0--26.4 per 100 000. Consequently about 330 new cases of(More)
The short- and long-term effects of heavy-resistance training (85% of one-repetition maximum (RM)) on elbow flexion and knee extension dynamic and isokinetic strength and on morphology in the biceps brachii and vastus lateralis muscles were evaluated during 1 year in 35 Scandinavian men and women, aged 70-77 years, 12 of whom formed a control group. After(More)
In order to implement the St Vincent Declaration programme, instruments for quality assurance of medical outcomes as well as measures of psychological outcomes of diabetes care had to be developed. This paper presents baseline values for three questionnaires measuring psychological Wellbeing, Treatment Statisfaction and General Health among a representative(More)
Contrary to our recommendations many juvenile diabetics are inactive and rather negative to physical exercise. We have tried to estimate the attitudes towards and motivation for regular physical exercise among juvenile diabetics by interviewing, giving questionnaires to and using a special attitude test. Different groups have been studied, the largest(More)
This is a prospective study of the incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) in children 0-14 years of age, including all newly diagnosed cases in the whole of Sweden from July 1, 1977 until June 30, 1980. All 45 Swedish departments of paediatrics participated. During the three-year-period studied, 1108 Swedish children, 0-14 years of age had(More)
A group of 58 diabetics, age 6-17 years and with a duration of diabetes of 3-14 years was studied in order to show whether the nature of the clinical manifestations and the treatment at the onset of the disease are related to the subsequent C-peptide production and also whether remaining C-peptide production is related to better diabetic control. The(More)
In connection with the introduction of an improved method of water supply in rural Malawi, the nutritional status, morbidity, and mortality among 1,178 children under five were studied during three rainy and three dry seasons. Data were collected at fortnightly home interviews. Nutritional assessment was made twice a year. One hundred and thirty-seven of(More)