Xylar S. Asay-Davis

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The Virtual Explorer project at the University of California, San Diego, is creating immersive, highlyinteractive virtual environments for scientific visualization and education. We are creating an integrated model system to demonstrate the potential applications of VR in the educational arena, and are also developing a modular software framework for the(More)
Coupled ice sheet–ocean models capable of simulating moving grounding lines are just becoming available. Such models have a broad range of potential applications in studying the dynamics of marine ice sheets and tidewater glaciers, from process studies to future projections of ice mass loss and sea level rise. The Marine Ice Sheet–Ocean Model(More)
Introduction: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (GRS) is one of its most distinct and enduring features, having been continuously observed since the 1800’s. It currently spans the smallest latitude and longitude size ever recorded. Here we show analyses of 2014 Hubble spectral imaging data to study the color, structure and internal dynamics of this long-live storm.(More)
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