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Persistent somatoform pain disorder (PSPD) is a mental disorder un-associated with any somatic injury and can cause severe somatosensory and emotional impairments in patients. However, so far, the neuro-pathophysiological mechanism of the functional impairments in PSPD is still unclear. The present study assesses the difference in regional spontaneous(More)
Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller is still widely used in control engineering, and tuning of PID is a crucial operation. We utilize particle swarm optimization algorithm to design an online self- tuning framework of PID controller. Our system is simulated in Matlab based on particle swarm optimi- zation algorithm. Experiment focus on several(More)
SIFT is a novel and promising method for iris recognition. However, some shortages exist in many related methods, such as difficulty of feature extraction, feature loss, and noise point introduction. In this paper, a new method named SIFT-based iris recognition with normali-zation and enhancement is proposed for achieving better performance. In Comparison(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data often suffer from artifacts caused by motion. These artifacts are especially severe in DTI data from infants, and implementing tight quality controls is therefore imperative for DTI studies of infants. Currently, routine procedures for quality assurance of DTI data involve the slice-wise visual inspection of(More)
Fingerprint matching is one of the most important modules in the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). This paper proposes a minutiae matching algorithm that uses minutiae-centered circular regions to help ensure the stablity of matching and the robustness to non-linear distortion. In our method, a circular region is constructed around each(More)
—Fingerprint identification system operates by acquiring a fingerprint image and comparing it with the template image, therefore the accuracy of system depends highly on the quality of template image. In this paper, we propose a method to select template based on fingerprint image quality. In the proposed method, four features firstly are extracted from a(More)
Single cell manipulation technology has been widely applied in biological fields. Recently, a biochip platform with novel configuration of electrodes for cell 3-D rotation has been successfully developed. However, the rotation platform still has two major shortcomings of manual place of single cell and unstable rotation, which need to be addressed. To solve(More)
Single cell manipulation technology has been widely applied in biological fields, such as cell injection/enucleation, cell physiological measurement, and cell imaging. Recently, a biochip platform with a novel configuration of electrodes for cell 3D rotation has been successfully developed by generating rotating electric fields. However, the rotation(More)