Xuzhen Wang

Xiaoni Gan2
Shunping He2
2Xiaoni Gan
2Shunping He
1Richard L. Mayden
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Despite their great diversity and biological importance, evolutionary relationships among the endemic clade of East Asian Cyprinidae remain ambiguous. Understanding the phylogenetic history of this group involves many challenges. For instance, ecomorphological convergence may confound morphology-based phylogenetic inferences, and previous molecular(More)
The genus Schizothorax (Cyprinidae), one of the most diverse genera of ichthyofauna of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP), is a good candidate for investigating patterns of genetic variation and evolutionary mechanisms. In this study, sequences from the mitochondrial control region, the cytochrome b gene, and two nuclear genes were used to re-examine the(More)
Power offset is zero-order term in the capacity versus signal-to-noise ratio curve. In this paper, approximate analysis of power offset is presented to describe MIMO system with uniform linear antenna arrays of fixed length. It is assumed that the number of receive antenna is larger than that of transmit antenna. Spatially Correlated MIMO Channel is(More)
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