Xuyue Zheng

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Based on specific homo-A/T DNA binding properties, a strategy for coralyne and mercury ions detection was realised by exonuclease-aided signal amplification. Coralyne could specifically bind homo-A DNA and protect it from the hydrolysis of exonuclease I. The coralyne-protected DNA was subsequently used as a trigger strand to hydrolyze DNA2 in(More)
In the present study, a new strategy based on Cu(2+) mediated DNA-templated silver nanoclusters (DNA-Ag NCs) was developed, as a label-free, on-off-on fluorescent probe for the detection of l-histidine. Eight synthesized DNA oligonucleotides (D1-D8) were experimentally tested, and D5-Ag NCs was finally selected for l-histidine detection due to its best(More)
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