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EXTENDED ABSTRACT New South Wales (NSW) coastal areas are under increasing environmental pressure from development and rapid population growth. Soil landscape mapping and land capability assessment have an important role in coastal planning and the development decision making processes. Soil landscape mapping is a regional planning tool that identifies soil(More)
We report a hybrid, quantum dot (QD)-based, organic light-emitting diode architecture using a noninverted structure with the QDs sandwiched between hole transporting layers (HTLs) outperforming the reference device structure implemented in conventional noninverted architecture by over five folds and suppressing the blue emission that is otherwise observed(More)
Visual-textual presentation layout (e.g., digital magazine cover, poster, Power Point slides, and any other rich media), which combines beautiful image and overlaid readable texts, can result in an eye candy touch to attract users’ attention. The designing of visual-textual presentation layout is therefore becoming ubiquitous in both commercially(More)
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