Xuyong Wang

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Incremental encoders are widely used for position measurement in angular position hydraulic position motor servo system for its simple structure and low cost. While in the situation that need absolute positioning, a relatively long time is needed to find the zero position. In this paper a special distance-coded mechanism of incremental encoder is addressed,(More)
Cam-rotor vane motor (CRVM) is one of new continuous hydraulic servo motors with the characteristics of no pulsation of instantaneous flow rate and output torque, small volume and rotating inertia. In order to acquire better performance and minimize the trace error, the friction mechanism of cam-rotor vane motor was analyzed. As a novel friction(More)
A three axis electronic flight motion simulator is reported in this paper including the modelling, the controller design as well as the hardware implementation. This flight motion simulator could be used for inertial navigation test and high precision inertial navigation system with good dynamic and static performances. A real time control system is(More)
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