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Mimotopes are peptides with affinities to given targets. They are readily obtained through biopanning against combinatorial peptide libraries constructed by phage display and other display technologies such as mRNA display, ribosome display, bacterial display and yeast display. Mimotopes have been used to infer the protein interaction sites and networks;(More)
Functional recovery of neurons in the spinal cord after physical injury is essentially abortive in clinical cases. As neurotrophins had been reported to be responsible, at least partially, for the lesion-induced recovery of spinal cord, it is not surprising that they have become the focus of numerous studies. Studies on endogenous neurotrophins, especially(More)
Neuroplasticity of the spinal cord following electroacupuncture (EA) has been demonstrated although little is known about the possible underlying mechanism. This study evaluated the effect of EA on expression of neurotrophins in the lamina II of the spinal cord, in cats subjected to dorsal rhizotomy. Cats received bilateral removal of L1-L5 and L7-S2 dorsal(More)
The underlying mechanism for electroacupuncture (EA) associated functional improvement in patients suffering from spinal cord injury (SCI) is largely unknown. Collateral sprouting is one plausible factor, where the cord microenvironment may contribute greatly. The present study evaluated the effects of EA on collateral sprouting from spared dorsal root(More)
It is well known that platelet-derived growth factor-B (PDGF-B), a member of the neurotrophic factor family, is involved in normal physiological conditions, pathological changes, and neuroregulation following lesions. But the roles of endogenous PDGF-B in neuroregulation following spinal cord injury are far from being well known, especially in primates.(More)
— The poor performance of TCP in wireless networks is further diminished in IEEE 802.11-based ad hoc networks networks due to the unnecessary actions of on-demand routing protocols when interference-induced packet drops occur at the medium access control (MAC) layer. In this paper, we present a cross-layer hop-by-hop congestion control scheme designed to(More)
This paper presents an approach of motion planning for a humanoid robot using a state transition method. In this method, motion planning is simplified by introducing a state-space to describe the whole motion series. And each state in the state-space corresponds to a contact state specified during the motion. The continuous motion is represented by a(More)
—Accurate soil moisture information is required for studying the global water and energy cycles as well as the carbon cycle. The AMSR-E sensor onboard NASA's Aqua satellite offers a new means to accurately retrieve soil moisture information at a regional and global scale. However, the characterization of the factors such as precipitation, vegetation, cloud,(More)
A new approach to generate the original motion data for humanoid motion planning is presented in this paper. And a state generator is developed based on the genetic algorithm, which enables users to generate various motion states without using any reference motion data. By specifying various types of constraints such as configuration constraints and contact(More)