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In Twitter-like social networking services, people can use the "@" symbol to mention other users in tweets and send them a message or link to their profiles. In recent years, social media services are rapidly growing with thousands of millions of users participating in them every day. When the "@" symbol is entered, there should be an automatic suggestion(More)
The task of recommending hashtags for microblogs has been received considerable attention in recent years, and many applications can reap enormous benefits from it. Various approaches have been proposed to study the problem from different aspects. However, the impacts of temporal and personal factors have rarely been considered in the existing methods. In(More)
We give a new sparse penalty for high-dimensional nonparametric additive models and propose an efficient and practical algorithm with concrete expression even when the number of covariates is larger than the sample size. Moreover, some simulation results are illustrated, and we also analyze the theoretical properties and sparse oracle inequalities of the(More)
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