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Panax notoginseng (Sanqi) is a cardiovascular herb containing ginsenosides that are believed to be responsible for the therapeutic effects of Sanqi. The aim of this study was to evaluate rat exposure to ginsenosides after oral administration of Sanqi extract and to identify the key factors affecting their absorption and disposition. Ginsenosides were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Flavonols and terpene lactones are putatively responsible for the properties of Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts that relate to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cerebral insufficiency. Here, we characterized rat systemic and cerebral exposure to these ginkgo compounds after dosing, as well as the compounds'(More)
Government guarantee is one of important measures to attract investment in infrastructure for developing countries. Most of existing researches are based on the hypothesis of complete market, but this paper has broken traditional risk neutral hypothesis. Considering investors' risk attitude in incomplete market, the utility indifference pricing has been(More)
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