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—The comparison and matching based on partial description of the 3D model is the current focus of study in the shape analysis. The partial description based on the eigenfunction of the Laplace-Beltrami operator is an important way. A large number of eigenfunction values of any point on the surface of the model form a eigenvector; based on this vector,(More)
Setup planning is a complex and intuitive process. An efficient setup planning system is essential to cut costs and to reduce lead-time. In this paper, an integrated system based on Internet for setup planning is presented. The system is implemented based on a simple three-tier thin client-fat server architecture. The utilizing of (extensible modeling(More)
A novel local shape descriptor, geodesic connected graph, is proposed for the representation of three-dimensional (3D) prismatic CAD model represented by triangle meshes. First, the model is segmented using the extended Gaussian image. Second, the segmented areas which are visual from certain direction are connected by geodesic lines. Finally, a geodesic(More)
The conventional shape feature-based method did not describe the local feature enough. This paper proposed a new 3D model retrieval method based on projected area at mesh vertex. First, sum the projected area on vertical plane of the normal vector at mesh vertex, then normalized the list of the projected area distributions and transfer these data by Fourier(More)
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