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The security and privacy of underwater acoustic sensor networks has received extensive attention recently due to the proliferation of underwater activities. This paper proposes an analytical model to investigate the eavesdropping attacks in underwater acoustic sensor networks. Our analytical framework considers the impacts of various underwater acoustic(More)
Context identifying based on speech data is important to social services and city management. In a complex application environment, a speech recognition system needs to address two main problems: background noises and large vocabulary search latency. We use the adjustment acoustic model to deal with the scenario adaptation, and we use adjustment dictionary(More)
This paper concerns the eavesdropping attacks in wireless ad hoc networks under a shadow fading environment. Most of previous studies have only concentrated on protecting the confidential communications at both the transmitters and the receivers and little attention has been paid on investigating the eavesdropping behaviors done by the malicious nodes. We(More)
This paper investigates the eavesdropping attacks in underwater acoustic networks (UANets). In particular, we propose an analytical framework to model the eavesdropping attacks in UANets in terms of the eavesdropping probability. Results of extensive simulations match the analytical results, indicating the effectiveness and accuracy of our model. Besides,(More)
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UWASNs) have the wide of applications with the proliferation of the increasing underwater activities recently. Most of current studies are focused on designing protocols to improve the network performance of WASNs. However, the security of UWASNs is also an important concern since malicious nodes can easily wiretap the(More)
Eavesdropping attacks have become one of major threats in wireless networks since it is the prerequisite of other malicious attacks. Most of current studies concentrate on designing anti-eavesdropping schemes. There are few studies on quantitatively evaluating the eavesdropping attacks conducted by the malicious nodes. However, it is important to(More)