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Previous research suggests that past and future temporal concepts are spatially represented from left to right along a mental line. And these concepts can both prime motor responses to left or right space and direct visual spatial attention. The present study aimed at investigating the nature of this space-time conceptual metaphor in different auditory(More)
Happiness refers to people's cognitive and affective evaluation of their life. Why are some people happier than others? One reason might be that unhappy people are prone to ruminate more than happy people. The default mode network (DMN) is normally active during rest and is implicated in rumination. We hypothesized that unhappiness may be associated with(More)
The primary objective of this paper was to integrate two research traditions, social cognition approach and individual state approach, and to understand the relationships between locus of control (LOC), risk perception, flight time, and safety operation behavior (SOB) among Chinese airline pilots. The study sample consisted of 193 commercial airline pilots(More)
Over the past decade, emotional intelligence (EI) has received much attention in the literature. Previous studies indicated that higher trait or ability EI was associated with greater mental distress. The present study focused on mediating effects of positive and negative affect on the association between trait EI and mental distress in a sample of Chinese(More)
This study examined individual differences in trait resilience in physiological recovery from, and physiological habituation to, repeated stress (i.e. public speaking). Eighty-two college students were categorized as either high (n=40) or low (n=42) on trait resilience, based on the scores of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC). Subjective and(More)
Recently, the novel SNP rs12704290 in GRM3 was identified in a genome-wide association study on schizophrenia susceptibility. Our study was to investigate the association of 29 selected SNPs (including rs12704290) with schizophrenia and to evaluate any possible relationship between them and cognition related to schizophrenia. The SNPs were analyzed in 1115(More)
Article history: Received 15 September 2015 Received in revised form 14 December 2015 Accepted 18 December 2015 Available online 29 December 2015 Mind-wandering is associated with adverse effects on life satisfaction. However, the potential mechanism that might explain the relationship between mind-wandering and life satisfaction is unclear. Furthermore,(More)
The ability to detect emotional changes is of primary importance for social living. Though emotional signals are often conveyed by multiple modalities, how emotional changes in vocal and facial modalities integrate into a unified percept has yet to be directly investigated. To address this issue, we asked participants to detect emotional changes delivered(More)
A market research company (Nielsen) reported that consumers in the Asia-Pacific region have become the most active group in online shopping. Focusing on augmented reality (AR), which is one of three major techniques used to change the method of shopping in the future, this study used a mixed design to discuss the influences of the method of online shopping,(More)
Previous studies suggest that there is an association between positive numbers and space; however, there is less agreement for negative numbers. The main purpose of the present study was to investigate the nature of the processing and representation of negative numbers, and the association between negative numbers and space. Results of the two experiments(More)