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A three-port dc–dc converter integrating photovoltaic (PV) and battery power for high step-up applications is proposed in this paper. The topology includes five power switches, two coupled inductors, and two active-clamp circuits. The coupled inductors are used to achieve high step-up voltage gain and to reduce the voltage stress of input side switches. Two(More)
A novel distributed power management scheme is proposed in this paper for a DCmicrogrid system, which is enabled by Solid-State transformer (SST). The proposed system includes distributed renewable energy resource (DRER) and distributed energy storage device (DESD). The proposed distributed control algorithm, which only relies on the local information and(More)
DC microgrid is getting more and more attention as an effective and efficient solution to integrate different kinds of renewable energy storage and energy resources with DC loads. A typical DC microgrid envisioned for future DC powered residential homes is investigated in this paper, including distributed power management strategy design, plug and play(More)
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