Xunuo Wang

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The macroalga Gracilaria lemaneiformis is an important and commercially valuable renewable resource. It is distributed widely in shallow marine waters but grows mostly on tropical or subtropical coasts. We investigated the accumulation of Cd, Cu, and Pb by live G. lemaneiformis under low concentrations. There was a positive correlation between the(More)
Heavy metals in sediments from Baisha Bay, Nan'ao Island, one of Guangdong Province's largest mariculture bases in Southern China, were investigated. The results display that the concentrations of 6 heavy metals from surface sediments were 0.040-0.220 (Cd), 24.22-39.61 (Pb), 25.30-42.66 (Cr), 10.83-19.54 (Ni), 15.06-39.24 (Cu) and 55.12-141.73 mg kg(-1)(More)
Gas chromatography (GC) coupled with triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) operated in electron ionization mode (EI) has been shown to have advantages in the trace analysis of chemical compounds. Employing the instrument, a method has been built to simultaneously determine eugenol, isoeugenol' and methyleugenol, which have been widely used as(More)
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