Xunjun Chen

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Adsorption is considered to be one of the most effective technologies widely used in global environmental protection areas. Modeling of experimental adsorption isotherm data is an essential way for predicting the mechanisms of adsorption, which will lead to an improvement in the area of adsorption science. In this paper, we employed three isotherm models,(More)
Hummingbird-1 is a lightweight cryptographic algorithm appropriated for use within resource-constrained environments, which has 256-bit key and encrypt a 16-bitdata in one operation. In this paper, a cryptanalysis ofHummingbird-1 is given which shows a shortcut attack on the internal 16-bit block length, 64-bit key block cipher. The results indicate that(More)
One of the major applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is in supply chain management as it promises to provide real-time visibility based on the function of track and trace. However, such an RFID-based track and trace system raises new security and privacy challenges due to the restricted resource of tags. In this paper, we refine(More)
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