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The morphologically and compositionally controlled synthesis of coordination polymers and spinel oxides is highly desirable for realizing new advanced nanomaterial functionalities. Here we develop a novel and scalable strategy, containing a "copolymer-co-morphology" conception, to shape-controlled synthesis of various types of Prussian blue analogues(More)
Innovation in transition-metal nitride (TMN) preparation is highly desired for realization of various functionalities. Herein, series of graphene-encapsulated TMNs (FexMn6-xCo4-N@C) with well-controlled morphology have been synthesized through topotactic transformation of metal-organic frameworks in an N2 atmosphere. The as-synthesized FexMn6-xCo4-N@C(More)
NiFe/NiFeOx core/shell electrocatalysts show excellent OER activity by taking advantage of the synergetic effect between the metal core and the oxide/hydroxide shell, i.e. the metal core provides good bulk electron conduction and thus extends the OER active sites to the whole oxide/hydroxide shell, and the shell catalyzes the OER and protects the metal core(More)
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