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It is shown that the anisotropic NMR parameters for half-integer quadrupolar nuclei can be determined using double rotation (DOR) NMR at a single magnetic field with comparable accuracy to multi-field static and MAS experiments. The (17)O nuclei in isotopically enriched l-alanine and OPPh(3) are used as illustrations. The anisotropic NMR parameters are(More)
A novel non-centrosymmetric (NCS) solid, Ba(2)Mn(Si(2)O(7))Cl (CU-13), was isolated via high-temperature, salt-inclusion reactions. This manganese(III) silicate chloride adopts the fresnoite structure exhibiting pseudo-one-dimensional channels in which the Ba(2+) cations reside. The framework can be viewed alternatively as made of a fascinating anti-ReO(3)(More)
In our continued exploratory synthesis of compounds containing transition-metal oxide magnetic nanostructures, a new copper(II) phosphate phase, Cs2Cu3P4O14 (1), was isolated employing the mixed CsCl/2CsI molten flux. The X-ray single-crystal structural analysis shows that the Cs2Cu3P4O(14) phase crystallizes in a monoclinic space group with a = 7.920(2) A,(More)
A new family of salt-containing, mixed-metal silicates (CU-14), Ba6Mn4Si12O34Cl3 (1) and Ba6Fe5Si11O34Cl3 (2), was synthesized via the BaCl2 salt-inclusion reaction. These compounds crystallize in the noncentrosymmetric (NCS) space group Pmc2(1) (No. 26), adopting 1 of the 10 NCS polar, nonchiral crystal classes, mm2 (C2v). The cell dimensions are a =(More)
A new family of cuprates, Li2Cu3(SiO3)4 (1) and Na2Cu3(GeO3)4 (2), was isolated in molten salt media. The extended lattices contain ladderlike periodic arrays of [Cu3O8]10- magnetic nanostructures. Magnetic properties of the Na2Cu3Ge(4-x)SixO12 series, where x = 0, 0.86, and 1.72, were systematically studied. The geometrically induced magnetic couplings are(More)
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