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Numerous mutations and variants in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene have been demonstrated to be associated with the occurrence, metastasis and prognosis of various types of tumors, including lung cancer. Thus, the present study aimed to investigate whether-216G/T (rs712829), a functional polymorphism of the EGFR promoter that is able to(More)
Proliferation, growth, and differentiation of cells are strictly controlled by the signal system of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). If any link of the EGFR signals system is interfered with or damaged, the proliferation, growth, and differentiation of cells would become uncontrolled. EGFR is overexpressed in a variety of malignant tumors, such as(More)
BACKGROUND HDAC1 has been shown to be closely associated with the occurrence of tumors. We aimed to investigate the effects of siRNA-mediated HDAC1 knockdown on the biological behavior of esophageal carcinoma cell lines. MATERIAL AND METHODS HDAC1 expression in esophageal cancer cell lines TE-1, Eca109, and EC9706 was compared by Western blot analysis.(More)
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