Xunfeng Li

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Collaborative filtering (CF) is a popular method for the personalized recommendation. Almost all of the existing CF methods rely only on the rating data while ignoring some important implicit information in non-rating properties for users and items, which has a significant impact on the preference. In this study, considering that the average rating of users(More)
Regenerative cooling of aviation kerosene plays an important role for thermal protection of scramjet engines. Since the thermophysical properties of kerosene change acutely near the pseudo-critical point, heat convective in kerosene pipe flow is complicated. Here the convective heat transfer characteristics of China RP-3 aviation kerosene at a supercritical(More)
The apparent kinetic of the ultrasound assisted liquid-phase dehydrogenation of isopropanol over Raney nickel catalyst was determined in the temperature range of 346-353 K. Comparison of the effects of ultrasound and mechanical agitation on the isopropanol dehydrogenation was investigated. The ultrasound assisted dehydrogenation rate was significantly(More)
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