Xunali Lisa Xie

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Picosecond transient circular dichroism spectra are reported for the primary intermediates in the photocycle of reaction centers isolated from Rhodobacter sphaeroides. The time-resolved circular dichroism spectra of the two electron transfer intermediates (BChl2) +BPh-LQA and (BChl2) +BPhLQ-A reveal a large, nonconservative, and fairly stationary CD band at(More)
Using genetic algorithms(GA) for medium optimization of xylitol fermentation, and coupling neural networks model for predicting xylitol concentration is introduced. The medium compose determined by GA is as input data of the neural networks, while the output data predicted by neural networks is as suitable value of GA for predicting. The optimum medium is(More)
Picosecond time-resolved polarization spectroscopy is used to study relaxation dynamics in myoglobin following photoelimination of CO from carbonmonoxymyoglobin. Evolution of the transient circular dichroism signal of the N band of myoglobin (probed at 355 nm) to that characteristic of equilibrium myoglobin requires approximately 300 ps. This time scale is(More)
Vascular diseases are nowadays one of the serious issues which have a huge impact on someone's life. Number of researchers at different universities as well as medical device manufacturers are working in this field for better understanding of the vascular characteristics. It is expected that three dimensional structure of blood vessels can provide(More)
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