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OBJECTIVE To introduce a practical, economical, and time-saving method to stain (with osmic acid) the myelin sheath in normal and regenerated peripheral nerves. METHODS A total of 12 Sprague Dawley rats, weighing 250-320 g (mean equal to 276 g+/-38 g), were divided into two groups: a normal nerve group (n equal to 6) and a regenerated nerve group (n equal(More)
  • X Chen
  • 1989
The response of the auditory nerve to acute intracochlear electrical stimulation was studied in 42 guinea pigs. Animals were divided into six groups. The electrode was implanted into the cochlea 1.5 mm in depth, and the cochlea was electrically stimulated with intensities of 216 microA, 432 microA, 648 microA, 864 microA and 1080 microA for six hours.(More)
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