Xun Yuan

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This paper presents the preparation of a pyrazoline compound and the properties of its UV–Vis absorption and fluorescence emission. Moreover, this compound can be used to determine Hg2+ ion with selectivity and sensitivity in the EtOH:H2O = 9:1 (v/v) solution. This sensor forms a 1:1 complex with Hg2+ and shows a fluorescent enhancement with good tolerance(More)
Understanding the mechanism of W-doping induced reduction of critical temperature (T(C)) for VO(2) metal-insulator transition (MIT) is crucial for both fundamental study and technological application. Here, using synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy combined with first-principles calculations, we unveil the atomic structure evolutions of W(More)
The quest of novel compounds with special structures and unusual functionalities continues to be a central challenge to modern materials science. Even though their exact structures have puzzled scientists for decades, superhard transition-metal borides (TMBs) have long been believed to exist only in simple crystal structures. Here, we report on a polytypic(More)
The magnetic properties of the partially filled skutterudite Eu(0.5)Co(4)Sb(12) are investigated by a model Hamiltonian, with special emphasis on the effect of ordering and disordering occupancy of the filler atoms Eu on the magnetic properties. The magnetization, magnetic specific heat and entropy are calculated within the mean-field approximation. By(More)
In the first production run of the WASA experiment at COSY, the eta decay into three neutral pions was measured in proton– proton interactions at a proton beam kinetic energy of 1.4 GeV. The Dalitz plot of the three pions was studied using 1.2×10 5 fully reconstructed events, and the quadratic slope parameter α was determined to be −0.027 ± 0.008(stat) ±(More)
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