Xun Xing Diao

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Oxytocin (OT) is a potential treatment for multiple neuropsychiatric disorders. As OT is a peptide, delivery by the intranasal (IN) route is the preferred method in clinical studies. Although studies have shown increased cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) OT levels following IN administration, this does not unequivocably demonstrate that the peripherally(More)
We review approaches for determining metabolism of new synthetic cannabinoids (SCs), and challenges and advances in identifying optimal urinary marker metabolites of SC intake. Metabolic patterns of different SC generations are evaluated, and a practical strategy offered for selecting SC urinary marker metabolites. Novel SCs are incubated with human(More)
The Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), with their constant evolution, need more and more practical and effective WSN Management Tools (WMT) for large-scale deployment. Due to the resource constraints of wireless sensor node, it is impossible to implement the full classical SNMP standard in WSN applications. Therefore, it is important to develop new WMT(More)
MANET marks the new age of the modern communication and it is a key technology to solve many applications such as telemedicine, environment monitoring, intelligent transport system (inter-vehicle communication) etc. In this paper a new MANET protocol dedicated to intelligent transport system: CIVIC (communication inter vehicule intelligente et cooperative)(More)
This paper describes a cooperative MANET protocol dedicated to intelligent transport systems, named CIVIC (Communication Inter Véhicule Intelligente et Coopérative). The CIVIC protocol is an auto-configuration inter-vehicle communication protocol, which supports adhoc and infrastructure networks, contains reactive and proactive routing components, and(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have played an important role in diverse domains. However, programming on WSN nodes are quite hard because currently there exist no standard software and hardware platforms in WSN. Thus it's essential to build a software infrastructure that can provide a decent development environment to the users. One sound choice to achieve(More)
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